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Project Description: In Visual Studio 2008's Database Project, one had the option to select multiple sql files and Run them on chosen DB. Visual Studio 2010 doesn't have this functionality.
SQL Executer makes it easy to deploy, execute multiple scripts on SQL Server, the way you could do in VS 2008.

This project fills the gap within Visual Studio 2010. All those who have migrated to Visual Studio 2010, can use this to execute the scripts on SQL Server.

Some of the features available in the project are:

1. File Filter (*.sql | *.dbml | *.*)
2. Run single/multiple scripts on the server.
3. Combine mulitple scripts into a single script simplying by selecting them. The combined script can be manually executed on SQL Server.
4. Configure Database Instances
5. Configure Project paths.

Will be looking forward for you valuable suggestions and feedback.

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